What is Content Marketing?

There’s a chance that you know the term already, but I ask that you bear with me in case there are aspects of the definition that you may have missed out on.

Content Marketing Explained:

At its most basic, content marketing is the process of using content in order to market a website. This means that you could consider SEO to be a form of content marketing – in as much as you are creating content that Google will be able to index. This way, your content is easier to find and thus it is a form of marketing.

Content marketing can also be seen as a crucial aspect of social media marketing. Most social media marketing strategies involve sharing posts and links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and very often these will include content that is on the brand’s own website. Take a look at a popular Facebook Page IFL Science. This page mainly posts science news by sharing blog posts from its own site. This ensures that liking the page provides readers with a constant stream of interesting information and it helps to gain more likes as a result.

Content is King

By filling your site with great posts, you are giving people a reason to like your Facebook page. What’s more, is that you are giving Google a reason to add you to its search results. Google wants to pair its visitors with the top sites and resources on the web. That is how it is able to provide value and that is what will keep people coming back.

But if your site is filled with great content, then you are also giving people a good reason to come to your site directly. In other words, content marking that is good enough will eventually cut out the middle man. Content marketing that is good enough will encourage visitors to bookmark your site. They will begin to visit it regularly as part of their routine in order to see what new posts you’ve uploaded and what more they can learn.

In other words, you are filling your site with value.

When someone visits your site directly without being encouraged to do so by an advert or by Google, then they have evolved beyond a simple visitor. Now they are a fan. They are actively choosing to engage with your brand, so they must really like the type of content you provide, your style of writing, or the topic you cover.

And that’s the goal ladies and gentlemen. I hope you found some value in this post. You can also check out this video to learn more about content marketing!

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