Earn Money Online with a Blog and Affiliate Marketing

If you’re an active-duty entrepreneur, creating a blog and using affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money online. Not just service members, but anyone can earn money online. Applying these methods can work for anyone.

Having a blog and promoting affiliate links does not require inventory, is accessible to worldwide visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can work from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and internet connection.

Also, all this can all be done for absolutely free. It does not cost anything to become a business’ affiliate, and in most cases, you can create your own website/blog for absolutely free!

This is why I’ve found that creating a blog is perfect for the active-duty entrepreneur or any entrepreneur for that matter.

Active Duty Blogger
Writing blogs while deployed in Afghanistan

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is the perfect platform to share your knowledge and experience with your passion. Whether that may be health and fitness, cooking, traveling, or relationships.

A blog is your digital real-estate, you own it and all its content. Now-a-days everyone has social media and share content on those platforms. Unlike social media posts, blog posts provide longer-lasting content for your website.

Not only that, but the keywords in your content make it easy for search engines like Google to provide your content for searchers who are looking for exactly what you’re talking about for years to come.

Becoming an active duty blogger can open a world of opportunities. Considering the fact that service members travel the world and experience so much, this provides so many new things you can share with the world.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create a blog

Active Duty Blogger

Affiliate Marketing

As an active-duty entrepreneur, I’ve found that affiliate marketing with your blog is the best business model for several reasons.

Serving on active duty, I move often, deploy, and spend weeks in training environments. As a result, I’ve found it difficult to operate other business models.

With affiliate marketing, I don’t have to worry about inventory. The products and services promoted are typically digital products like software, courses, and ebooks.

Not only that, but when promoting other products and services on your blog, you do not have to deal with customer service, shipping, or returns.

Even when promoting physical products, you don’t have to worry about shipping, returns, or customer complaints. That’s all the responsibility of the business you are promoting.

All these factors have provided a method to earn from anywhere in the world.

A great affiliate program you can begin with is Amazon’s affiliates program – Amazon Associates. Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the largest in the world and helps bloggers monetize their traffic.

With millions of products and services available, affiliates use simple to use link building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations and earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

To get started, create your blog and register to become an Amazon Associate, which is absolutely free.

From there, create a blog post and add product links from Amazon that your readers can click and potentially buy. This will result in you earning commissions.

This is one way, as an active-duty entrepreneur, you can begin to monetize your traffic, and create an additional income anywhere in the world.

I hope that you have found this helpful. If you have any questions and need more insight, don’t hesistate to reach out with your questions.

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