A Day in the Life

For years, social media has played a major role in my life. It has been a means to stay connected with family and friends where ever we may be in the world. Social media also provides many forms of entertainment and content to consume. Another way social media is involved in my daily life is to promote businesses and products for an income.

My use of social media

At the start of my day, I’ll hop on Facebook and/or Instagram to see what’s going on in the world. I use Facebook more to stay connected with family and friends, and Instagram just to consume content and search for content ideas.

These platforms are accessed through my mobile app. I will use Facebook on my laptop but not Instagram. I am able to use Instagram more effectively on their app.

Types of Social Media

Facebook is a social network site that connects people, friends, and family all over the world. Although Facebook was originally created for college students by Mark Zuckerberg, it has developed into much more.

Instagram is entirely s visual platform that allows you to share images and videos with your following.

I typically have good reactions when using all forms of digital media. At the beginning of my digital media creation journey, it was difficult even making images, let alone videos. However, I practiced, learned, and became proficient.

Does the type of digital content matter?

I discovered that I must be able to create multiple forms of content to reach my potential audience. I know that everyone consumes information differently. In order to reach a larger market, I must create the types of content they prefer to consume. That has ranged from blogs, images, and videos. I would not be able to be as effective using only one form of digital media.

I receive emails from companies almost daily. They range from promotions, providing updates to their policies, and offering educational material on their products or services. One method marketers have used that caught my attention in their email marketing is adding “Re:” to the email subject to make it appear as if their email is a response to previous correspondence.

The use of digital media in marketing today is essential. Without its use, it would be very difficult to reach and communicate with your audience. The means in which people receive information has evolved substantially over the years. Families use to gather around the radio to get news and entertainment. Now everyone has a smartphone and consumes videos, memes, and gifs, just to name a few types of digital.

Digital media is dynamic and continues to develop. Large brands create elaborate videos and images to reach consumers. The methods in which companies use digital media will continue to evolve as technology continues to grow and to keep up with how we consume content.


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